Every corner of the hotel is exquisitely decorated. There is no element left to chance, but a stylistic connection is perceived between all his pieces that falls in love from the first moment.


The pleasure of resting in an oasis located in the heart of Seville. craftsmanship, friendliness and luxury at its best.


the smell of orange blossom, the interior patios with their marble floors and the large central fountain evoke the history of the city in an atmosphere.


Guadarte ceramics brings color and life to a space full of traditional elements of our land.


The personalized flower pots at the entrance are a good example of the detail and care with which this project has been carried out. From the font that is used in the flowerpot to the aroma that is breathed in its rooms, everything is exquisitely thought out.


The interiors of the bar are a mixture of tradition and contemporary life that you will never forget.. The way to mix colors, materials and styles to create a unique atmosphere, it is simply a work of art.


When going up to the rooms, you are enveloped by the feeling of arriving at a very unique place to live a totally new experience., and indeed, that is what the visitor experiences.


Each room is unique and special, No two are the same. The only thing they all share is the careful luxury and attention to detail that is perceived from the moment the knob is turned to open the door..


The suite's terrace offers privileged views of the city. The location is excellent, right in the center and a few minutes walk from the most representative historical buildings of Seville.


Ceramic wall lamp glazed in black and manufactured by hand for the terraces of the Suites of the Hotel Casa Palacio Don Ramón.

Photos Hotel D. Ramón


Marbella Design & Art 2022

In this edition Guadarte will raise its level of creativity taking advantage of the excellence of its artisans and the talent of the prestigious
studio Femont Galvan Designers .

From the hand of Ivonne Galván, we preset: Orb, a collection of exclusive pieces inspired by mother earth, from where everything is born and grows.

Molding the noblest natural materials such as wood and clay, we have shaped pieces with organic and timeless lines creating a space full of textures and warm tones, casually intimate and cozy that reflects the simplicity of good living more chic than ever.

We hope to see you at our stand!



Intergift, New Mediterranean Collection


Talking about a Mediterranean collection without thinking about a garden is impossible. Therefore, We wanted to present our collection with outdoor pieces that will make you fall in love. sofas, mosaic tables and a collection of pots in matte and terracotta textures that will make your outdoor projects unique.



We have prepared a dining room in new natural finishes that reveal the grain of the wood and at the same time experience the soft touch of a lacquer. It is a very special finish that we are sure will pleasantly surprise you.



In the sofas we have used linen and cotton fabrics that provide a very warm feeling and due to their tones they fit very well in any environment. We have prepared some new sofa models with timeless lines that we present exclusively at intergift.



And this time, we wanted to complete a dream collection with a very special bedroom. The new textures developed by our artisans will awaken your senses. We are waiting for you at our stand with these news and many surprises!


location: Ifema Madrid

Date: of 14 th to the 18 from September 2022

Stand: Pavilion 3 Position 3C04



Terraces that inspire


During the summer months, there is nothing more desirable than enjoying outdoor life, to share a meal with friends and family or simply enjoy spectacular views while you relax. That is why we want to inspire your imagination with some terraces we have had the opportunity to collaborate with.

The apartments of the Real Casa de la Moneda in Seville offer us the possibility of enjoying a pleasant reading when the afternoon falls, relaxing on these wrought iron loungers, while enjoying exceptional views of historic buildings in the area. Real Casa de la Moneda

At the Hotel Santo Mauro (Madrid) we are being suprised with this idea inspired by the typical Parisian kiosks. A terrace bar that generates a visual attraction from the first moment. The curved roof, the top lattice, the black tubular columns with golden rings, the black marble of the bar and the tiles of the front. Everything is really well chosen in this project where every last detail has been thought of. Luis Sevillano

The glazed pots in bright colours are an idea that will fill our terrace with life. The key is to successfully match each pot with the perfect plant.. Think about the colour of the flower, the proportion of the plant and a palette of shades that make you fall in love. Four Seasons, Madrid

Another fantastic idea is a wrought iron pergola to delimit environments in our garden. This is a great example, designed by Lorenzo Castillo for the Hotel Santo Mauro in Madrid. Lorenzo Castillo

If what you like is luxury, you can take this idea from the Studio Gilles & Boissier for the terraces of the Mandarin Oriental Ritz Hotel in Madrid. The use of that clean gold in combination with marble and fine fabrics will make your terrace a space full of glamour. Guadarte

The hotel 9 Cesari in Rome proposes us a brilliant idea. A large bar to share in a more relaxed and informal atmosphere. Wrought iron stools are the perfect complement to this bar, allowing us to sit or stand, as we wish. If you can also create a relax area with sofas, you will have the perfect terrace to organise unforgettable evenings.

We hope you can be inspired by any of these ideas to enjoy these summer nights.



Manta Ray Restaurant, Marbella


If you want to enjoy cocktails, music and a culinary experience of unique Mexican cuisine you have to visit the Mantarraya restaurant located in the most exclusive area of ​​Marbella. The Cousi Interior Design Studio has been in charge of creating a truly special atmosphere that will transport you to the Pacific.

The entrance flanked by flowerpots, plants and bushes reveal the spirit of the establishment that will transport us to an authentic culinary experience between natural ingredients and abundant vegetation.

Inside the restaurant the use of materials such as ceramics, wood and natural fibers value craftsmanship and tradition.

On the wall, the pattern of ethnic stripes and aquamarine blue tones evoke the sea in a menu where fish have a great role.

The terracotta sconces with geometric motifs are a perfect fusion between Mediterranean and Mexican cultures., like the restaurant menu.

The abundant vegetation in terracotta pots on the terraces transports us to a large tropical garden where we can enjoy an unforgettable culinary experience..

The work of the Cousi Interior Design Studio has been excellent, and is appreciated in the care of every detail. Everything is dotted with a peaceful blue that takes us to the coast, the contrast with the vegetation is especially successful and the Mediterranean white tones are the perfect complement.

The Mantarraya Restaurant inspires our senses, not only tastes of Mexico and smells of Mexico, but it also looks like a walk along the Mexican Pacific coast. The texture of the mud represents the earth and the tapestries the water.

We hope you have liked this project and that you have the opportunity to visit the Pacific in the south of Spain..



Mint (New Style Magazine)

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Guadarte at Maison & Objet


The next edition of Maison & Objet will take place in Paris from 24 th to the 28 March and we will present our latest proposals for decoration professionals. New models, new colors and many surprises that we will reveal at the most important decoration fair in Europe.



Guadarte will have a new privileged location at the entrance of the Pavilion 6 on the red carpet and alongside the most recognized brands in the sector. It will be a great opportunity to see our most representative products presented in a unique setting.



Maison & Objet has gone digital and has developed an exceptional platform for decoration professionals. We invite you to visit our space and stay up to date with our latest publications. just visit and write “Save you” in the search engine.



At the Paris Fair we will give our visitors our new magazine 2022 full of news and lots of inspiration, we are sure you will love it. We hope to see you there!


New Collection 2022

Giardino 6MU87 ceramic mural and Bombay M-3390 armchair

In the last edition of the Intergift fair in Madrid, Guadarte presented its latest proposals for the decoration sector. These pieces are part of the CENTURY COLLECTION 2022.


Mural 6MU87

The 6MU87 mural is inspired by a classical Renaissance garden. It has elements like fonts, the birds, butterflies, the water… that transports us to nature. Its measurements are 155x280H but it is possible to make it to measure so that it fits in any project.. It is available with a beige background., rose, blue…



The new armchair with wooden balls has an Art Deco inspiration with a very modern design. The lacquer gives it a very contemporary touch and the shearling fabric upholstery completes an aesthetic completely in line with the latest fashion trends..



In the set of the new collection of products for 2022 we have included a very contemporary armchair with straight lines and a Mediterranean touch.



This armchair has a very contemporary style thanks to its design with geometric lines and breathes a Mediterranean essence in its proportions.. The lacquer gives it a very modern touch and is available in more colors and the upholstery can range from sheepskin fabric to authentic Italian leather..



The new mural is loaded with marine motifs such as fish, seahorses and corals, but without any doubt, the main element is the squid that occupies most of the surface. A peculiarity of this mural is that it is painted on a pastel blue background that differentiates it from any other mural on the market.. Of course, the mural can be adapted to the measurements that each project requires and the elements can be customized to your liking..



In the last edition of Intergift we had the opportunity to present this collection of ceramic fish that work as wall sconces. The result was a great reception from decoration professionals that has encouraged us to develop even more models..



The new hand-painted ceramic fish have fallen in love with our customers. They have bright colors that attract a lot of attention and the warmth of the light they provide allows you to create very special environments. We invite you to discover the complete collection, which is also available as a floor lamp and a table lamp.


DANUBE: The most contemporary color in the collection, the terracotta that is worn.

At Guadarte we have developed a new very current color. It is the natural color of terracotta with a pale tone and a matte texture that will fall in love with those who love ceramics and who develop contemporary projects.. What's more, we are developing new models such as oval pots, tapered and ribbed.



In Guadarte we declare ourselves as authentic "lovers of craftsmanship". Therefore, we have rescued some traditional pieces of our land such as the typical “ceramic basins” that were originally used in the kitchen and later as a decorative element in houses and gardens. They are available in 3 sizes and in a dozen designs like deer, birds, flowers… of course it is a model that our artisans can adapt to your tastes.



CENTURY COLLECTION grows with a very special model. A new dining table that is available with three different top models and with three different and combinable legs. That multiplies by nine the configurations of this model that we have presented with great success in the latest edition of Intergift..



We have made a strong commitment to developing our ceramic collection with these vases designed by the architect Melvin Villarroel and these Nordic-inspired two-tone ceramic bowls.


Intergift, Madrid, February 2022


INTERGIFT, of 2 th to the 6 February in Madrid.

Guadarte presented its latest developments for decoration professionals, new finishes and a catalog 2022 more than 300 inspiration pages.

At each fair, Guadarte tries to surprise its customers by offering them new possibilities and expanding its catalog towards new trends in the sector.. This year was no different, we had many surprises prepared that were to the liking of our visitors.

Square, decorated by Guadarte in February 2022

On this occasion we returned to decorate the square that was in front of our stand, offering our clients not only a place of relaxation, but also an opportunity to get to know our outdoor furniture with a very special project.

Furniture awarded as the best design in the last edition.

Professionals in the sector have awarded our work in recent fairs with various awards. We are working hard to maintain the bar and be able to present new designs that attract the attention of customers and visitors..

Guadarte – Pavilion 3 Position 3C04

Intergift, 2-6 Febrero 2022 Madrid.



The Design Room Madrid: exclusive event at the Hotel…

An exclusive one-day event at the M.O. Ritz

An exclusive one-day event at the M.O, An exclusive one-day event at the M.O. An exclusive one-day event at the M.O, An exclusive one-day event at the M.O 1 exclusive event at the Hotel 2022, at the Ritz Hotel in Madrid.

An exclusive one-day event at the M.O, news and space solutions to the community of interior design professionals, exclusive event at the Hotel.

An exclusive one-day event at the M.O, oriented to the contract channel.



Hotel Santo Mauro, Autograph Collection 5 star boutique hotel.

Hotel Santo Mauro, a French Palace in the heart of Madrid

The Santo Mauro palace was built for Mariano Fernández de Henestrosa and Ortiz de Mioño, Duke of Santo Mauro, in 1902. It is a project of the architect Juan Bautista Lázaro de Diego who built the house of the Duke and his family on this site.. The decoration project has been directed by the prestigious interior designer Lorenzo Castillo, who has brought his magic and theatricality to each of the corners of this unique Palace.


Elegance from the first moment

The entrance to the Santo Mauro hotel passes through a patio that anticipates what the client will find inside, the true essence of a French palace. The architecture makes a perfect tandem with the outdoor furniture selected by the interior designers..


Entrance flanked with Parma Gray planters

The pots are inspired by the emblematic “orange boxes” of the Gardens of Versailles and their iconic colour “Parma Gray” will be the leitmotif of outdoor furniture..


The Chinese room of the Santo Mauro hotel

The reform and redecoration, designed by interior designer Lorenzo Castillo, wanted to preserve the nineteenth-century spirit of the historic palace.


The bar, New York art deco style

This elegant open wine bar allows guests to enjoy a drink in a relaxed atmosphere with background music specially selected by the composer Lucas Vidal..


Exclusive designer furniture

Along with countless antiques and works of art preserved for decades in the Palace, we can find new pieces of furniture designed exclusively for this project. like these tables, that fit like a glove with the atmosphere of the Santo Mauro hotel.


Outdoor furniture on the terrace of the Hotel Santo Mauro

The terrace in the most sophisticated garden in Madrid is immersed in the authentic atmosphere of a palace in the color Parma Gray, specially selected by Lorenzo Castillo for the project.


French bar kiosk in the garden of the Hotel Santo Mauro

The garden area has been completely raised, the whole floor has been changed, a checkerboard floor has been made and the furniture has been changed. The French kiosk bar, very parisian, It is called to be the most top site in Madrid.


Pergola designed by Lorenzo del Castillo

A pergola has been designed, to house the gastronomic restaurant. The garden of Santo Mauro regains prominence, thanks to the glass pergola that will be installed between both buildings and the heating, so that it will facilitate its use also in winter.


The garden has been conceived by the landscaper Fernando Valero

If there is a place where time can stop and breathe the palatial atmosphere, it is undoubtedly the garden., reimagined by landscape architect Fernando Valero. This private garden is the most sophisticated in the city, with centenary chestnut trees, fountains and terraces.


Wrought iron furniture and ceramic tops

Crafts can be seen in every corner and in every detail of this hotel. Everything is intentionally thought and designed to make the customer feel a unique and unforgettable experience.


Fountain on the terrace of Santo Mauro

The two hand-forged iron lanterns stand out on the palace's façade, which houses an imposing fountain.


Garden of Versailles style planters

The emblematic “orange boxes” were originally designed by Andre Le Notre, Official designer of the Gardens of Versailles, and Jean-Baptiste de La Quintinie in 1670 and they have become an icon of decoration.

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